Sinderella, the schizophrenic third twin of sinful origin and disturbing childhood, combats her continuous identity crisis, megalo-melancholia, condescending constipation and loitering libido with her deep interest in drawing. In Sinderella’s Cartoon Blog you would meet Scrappy & Intella – the jobless couple – drunk 24×7; Pom pom & Mom mom – the lovey dovey mother-daughter duo,  Candyman – the fucked-up superhero(ine), the pathetic Bose Brothers, the Dicktator and many other random characters – some political ones, as it goes – provided it goes at all that is, whatever it is.

There are also links to writing about comics and other stuff. And illustrations. And design works. And an archive of comics links that one must dig, and does. Et cetera. Et cetera. Meanwhile this is what happened to the original Cinderella – starting with C – that one.



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