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Our Summer Camp Posters

Yours warmly, with all of the forty degrees on our eyebrows.


March|dance Posters

Posters for March|dance – a contemporary dance festival organized by Basement 21 – a Chennai-based artists’ collective, supported by Goethe Institut, Chennai. March|dance features three choreographic works – Conditions of Carriage by Preethi Athreya, Varnam by Padmini Chettur and Queen Size by Mandeep Raikhy.


Day 1 – Varnam


Day 3 – Queen Size

Book-Covers: Aainanagar

Two book-covers for Aainanagar publication this year for Kolkata Book Fair release 2017. If I was a fashion costume designer I could have said, this season, my colour is yellow, or some such like. Anyway, here they are:

A picture book for children, adults alike – on labour and what dignity of labour means in our society.


The 2017 Aainanagar magazine cover.