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Swabhab Kolkata Poster

Poster on a play on water by Swabhab Natok Dol:

‘Raakhe Nodi Maare Ke’ is a 45-minute Bangla play which traces the story of water through the tale of a river. Using music, movement and visual imagery, the play attempts to address both children and adults, rural as well as urban. Perhaps the greatest crisis of our times is the crisis of water.  Be it water shortage, water pollution, or the destruction of water bodies. From squabbles at the local hand pump to fights between states and nations over sharing river waters, there is no escaping the water war. The real crisis is not as much about scarcity as about equality in sharing – between rich and poor, between high castes and low castes, between corporates and communities, between cities and villages. The situation is even more convoluted than the pipes carrying water to our homes, and the fact is that most of us know very little about the bomb we’re sitting on. As long as there’s water running from our taps, we think all is well. But the day is not far when all wells run dry. Quite literally.


Requirements for the show –

  1. A hall/terrace/courtyard/warehouse with a flat surface to perform (not undulating and not a raised platform). The performance space should be minimum 20 ft x 20 ft
  2. Yellow halogen bulbs of minimum 2000 watts (1000 x 2 or 500 x 4) to illuminate the performance space
  3. Arrangements for travel, food and stay (if need be) for the team of 8-10 members
  4. A monetary contribution to help sustain the production

To organize a show or for any queries, please contact Vartika: 9830032014,


March|dance Posters

Posters for March|dance – a contemporary dance festival organized by Basement 21 – a Chennai-based artists’ collective, supported by Goethe Institut, Chennai. March|dance features three choreographic works – Conditions of Carriage by Preethi Athreya, Varnam by Padmini Chettur and Queen Size by Mandeep Raikhy.


Day 1 – Varnam


Day 3 – Queen Size

Book-Covers: Aainanagar

Two book-covers for Aainanagar publication this year for Kolkata Book Fair release 2017. If I was a fashion costume designer I could have said, this season, my colour is yellow, or some such like. Anyway, here they are:

A picture book for children, adults alike – on labour and what dignity of labour means in our society.


The 2017 Aainanagar magazine cover.