Some of my illustrations for stories etc.

ReAct Booklets & Poster

Poster and Booklet design for ReAct group on Antimicrobial Resistance.





Hello girls! Let’s learn how to draw a line, and where.

  • Dog

Scratch a dog’s back once and it scratches yours all life when you need it and when you don’t fucking need it.


  • Pony

A pony is a showoff and friendship is no magic!


  • Leopard

A leopard is fast and well but you try to be fast and see how well it goes for yourself.


  • Rhino

Beware of a rhino for the only obvious reason that it is horny.


  • Elephant

An elephant is tough, strong but takes bath.


  • Crocodile

A crocodile sheds skins in spring to welcome a new year, sheds tears in gratitude to welcome dinner and sheds involuntary giggles looking at the yellow afternoon sky welcoming impure thoughts when no one else is watching.


  • She-frog

A she-frog tells you all that is there to know about motherhood.


  • Munia

You can love a lone munia in more ways than a lone munia knows!


The Mess Monster: another WordsWorth project

Another story-illustration for the WordsWorth project. Here goes:

Subbu goes to sleep with his shoes on. He never puts his toys back into the cupboard. He does not fold his clothes. He leaves empty Kurkure packets on the table.


One night he is woken up from sleep. “I am Mr. Mess Monster, this is my room now, please leave.” Mr. Mess Monster’s head touched the ceiling. He is made up of dirty clothes and toys. He grows strong by eating stale food left on the floor. “Please leave”, reminds the monster with two biscuits for eyes.



Illustrating The Ripple Effect by Meera Srikant

A corporate novel  – The Ripple Effect’ – on ‘feedback’ by Meera Srikant. Pen-drawings (allowing some awfully wrong perspective studies). It was done such a long time back that I don’t even remember the name of the protagonist girl, who worked for an ad. agency. The book never got published, but what the heck, I got paid for it (Thanks to Meera) and it was good fun. Some of the pics:

The soap ad.

The boss of the protagonist

The boss

The prospective partner of the protaginist

The boss

Mother of the protagonist

Father of the protagonist

Brother and sister-in-law


The Ripple Effect