Random Comics

Random social-political-personal comixing


Hello girls! Let’s learn how to draw a line, and where.

  • Dog

Scratch a dog’s back once and it scratches yours all life when you need it and when you don’t fucking need it.


  • Pony

A pony is a showoff and friendship is no magic!


  • Leopard

A leopard is fast and well but you try to be fast and see how well it goes for yourself.


  • Rhino

Beware of a rhino for the only obvious reason that it is horny.


  • Elephant

An elephant is tough, strong but takes bath.


  • Crocodile

A crocodile sheds skins in spring to welcome a new year, sheds tears in gratitude to welcome dinner and sheds involuntary giggles looking at the yellow afternoon sky welcoming impure thoughts when no one else is watching.


  • She-frog

A she-frog tells you all that is there to know about motherhood.


  • Munia

You can love a lone munia in more ways than a lone munia knows!


Lying Is A Sin – A Graphic Poem

Once upon a time, there was a naughty shepherd boy in charge of a goat.
Everyday he used to cry “Wolf wolf” causing the villagers to leave their work and run to his aid – in vain
(again, again).

One day a real wolf showed up and the shepherd boy cried his patent cry “Wolf wolf”
The villagers left their work and ran to his aid; they cornered the wolf and killed
(lot of blood was spilled).

Later (at leisure) they chopped off the shepherd boy’s tongue, for Lying is a Sin!
Finally they ate his goat
(sliced by its throat).