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  • Kitagawa Utamaro: The Young Man’s Dream, from the series Profitable Visions in Daydreams of Glory, circa 1801–1802. In this woodcut, Ian Buruma writes, a wakashu,or ‘beautiful youth,’ is ‘dreaming of sleeping with a famous high-class courtesan (the dream is revealed in a cartoon-like bubble over his head), while a young woman solicitously wraps a jacket around his shoulders lest he catch a cold.’
  • Hello Darkness 
  • Pee Fairydogcat.jpg
  • 🙂 
  • Good boy comics
  • Source: Bizarro 
  • Source: unknownA1
  • Don’t be like Adarsh Balak, Aadhar Balak. Fight for your privacy.adhaar-adharsh-balak
  • Just a version of fetch!16864795_10155118634118982_1392153672698275755_n
  • Freud Quotes14573008_2148363258722368_1646284866864747260_n
  • Why We Need a Minimum Wage Law: A comics on minimum wage in India
  • Villawood: A comics on a detention center based on immigration issues
  • Evolution  13179273_10154153895443205_6901929154416679613_n
  • Patriarchypatriarchy
  • Kashmir – fighting the exoticism 13076859_1087776991245379_6618003349618653840_n
  • Death of a Kashmiri 943780_1182516378450031_302369629389646992_n
  • Soldiers are dying…
  • Social mania food-photo
  • Normal distributionT2XrE
  • 20 Dilbert cartoons on Big Data
  • M. N .Roy in Mexico City (Natgeo)
  • Hsssss




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